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A devotional blog from Pastor Angelo. 


Faith Over Feelings

It’s not a sin when we feel the initial impact of fear. Many things happen that can cause us to be afraid and be fearful… a bad report, imminent loss, a problem with a loved one and so on. We all go through those things. But the problem comes in when we give place to the fear and let it take over affecting what we do. We react out of fear rather than stand in ...

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Holding on to God’s Word

Everybody is going through something! Whether it be a storm, a trial, a hardship, a battle or a dark night of the soul. Peter tells us not to be surprised when these things happen as if it were a strange thing. (1 Peter 4:12) Paul tells us it’s common to all when these things happen. (1 Corinthians 10:13) When these things happen, don’t give up, give out or giv...

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“Upon this Rock I will build my church”(Matthew 16:18)

Church was God’s idea, not mans’. Man, I believe has complicated the idea of church which has spun into hundreds of different denominations each based a round a core Scripture and cause that has done more to separate than to unify. But Jesus is continuing to build His church. The term “church” comes from a Greek word meaning a meeting of people call...

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“For You are my Hope”(Psalm 71:5)

The antidote to discouragement is hope and our hope is not just “in” Jesus, but our hope “is” Jesus… a hope that comes from an abiding, intimate and surrendered relationship with our Lord. The word hope means to have a desire of good with the expectation of obtaining it. Hope without expectation is hollow and without substance. But hope based...

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“…For He is faithful that promised.” (Hebrews 10:27)

If I promised you a check for a million dollars, how would you take that? Hopefully you wouldn’t take me serious, have a good laugh and pray for me. But if I promised that the next time I see you that I would greet you warmly, hopefully you would believe that and anticipate our meeting. The difference between those two promises is that in the first promise, I have no...

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When “Not” to Fight

There are many times in God’s Word where we are to fight… to fight the good fight of faith, to fight in spiritual warfare, enduring a great fight of afflictions. And that fight takes courage. But sometimes, it takes just as much courage not to fight! In the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, Jesus spoke that if someone slapped you on the right cheek turn the ot...

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Coming against the plague

There are so many great aspects to technology and scientific advances. One of these advances in science and medical research has been the eradication of many diseases and plagues that have killed so many people throughout the centuries. Some still remain but most have been eliminated. However, there are still plagues around, but not so much of a medical nature but more of...

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"Faith through the roof"

In the second chapter of Mark’s Gospel, there is a story of four men who tried to get to Jesus to heal their paralytic friend. As Jesus was speaking in a home, they tried to get in but the crowd was too large and they could not even squeeze their way through. But they would not be denied. They went up on the roof, made a hole big enough to let down their friend who w...

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"Holdfast to His Word"

“Take courage, It is I, do not be afraid”. (Matthew 14:27) When I am in a storm or in a painful and difficult circumstance, I thank God for the prayers and support of others that helps so much when things are rough. But there are those times where we simply need a Divine Intervention, a move of God… especially in the storms. He’s the one that can ...

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“The Best Days Are Ahead”

“They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green”. (Psalm 92:14 NIV) As the years go by faster and faster, we come to know how quickly time is going by. I know there are many from my “Baby Boom” generation that realize there are more years behind us than are ahead of us… but that’s still good news. As we grow olde...

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